Categoría:         Hospitality

Año:                    2022

Ubicación:         Puerto Rico

“How to place architecture in a spectrum that honors it’s context and unequivocally understands it”.

A hotel located in the Caribbeans as part of a national reserve, that expected one exhaustive challenge; how to place architecture in a spectrum that honors it’s context and unequivocally understands it.

Acknowledging this balance implies human interaction with the land not only to be respectful but to have a genuine interest in exploring its overwhelming beauty.

“We keep asking questions until we find the right answer. Surpassing our own expectations of what is possible allows us to do so for others ”.

Consequently, the hotel is set up through a “glamping” modality. Smaller tents host guest bedrooms at different levels of the steep terrain and are connected through a single line of a cable car. It’s highest platform holds the common areas containing the pool areas, restaurant and lobby. These spaces amplify the scenic views through open and visually permeable buildings, whilst creating intimate and cozy indoor environments. The experiences they create for their guests look for an experimental interaction with their surroundings, while allowing introspective appreciations for themselves.

Interiors are structured through contemplation, exploration and human interaction. Spaces are designed with a causal elegance that embraces natural materials and reinforces its natural backdrop. Functionality and self sufficiency at a technical capacity is the foundation that holds the projects ethical and social responsibility.

Our process starts through a humanist lens, with in-depth consultation with our clients that allows us to reach a profound understanding of their daily routines, habits, needs, desires and dreams. We then make it our mission to surpass their expectations.

Our use of refined and sensorial materials translates into stylish solutions for commercial and larger-scale architectural projects as well as interior design, furniture and product design for retail outlets, hotels and restaurants with a strong focus on creating remarkable residences around the world.

We shape design concepts into tangible visions, creating sophisticated spaces to be lived and enjoyed through their sublime simplicity.